Balance Tri Club sessions cater for all levels of triathlete/athlete. From the complete beginner to the very experienced – all are welcome to come along and train in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. Check this week’s sessions for more details.

Balance Bike Safety

At all Balance training sessions safety is of paramount importance. With club bike sessions taking place on the road amongst traffic it is so important to have the correct equipment and to understand properly how to ride in a group. We have developed a guide to help members – Balance Bike Bible (v2). See you out there.

Training Programs

Balance has training programs to assist you in preparing for your target triathlon:


I haven’t done a triathlon before. Can I still do the training sessions?

We run a variety of training sessions to cater for all abilities. We welcome the complete novice to the seasoned triathlete. There are some members who don’t do triathlon at all, but enjoy our club rides or runs and the great club atmosphere.

I’m new to triathlon, what do I need before I start training with the club?

To start running with the club all you need is a pair of good running shoes, comfortable clothing and some sun protection, eg. hat, sunnies, sunscreen.

For cycling, a well maintained bike with working brakes and an approved helmet are essential. Gloves and sunglasses are also highly recommended. You also need to read the Balance Bike Bible before joining a club ride.

Club clothing is also available to buy from Velofix at Rozelle or from our periodical club gear orders which are advertised through the weekly club email and on the club Facebook page.

For swimming, goggles are essential. You will also need a pull bouy, fins and paddles if you want to attend club squad sessions, but you are welcome to try a session first.

How long is a triathlon?

There a variety of race distances to suit everyone, in terms of time they can range from under an hour up to a whole day.

  • Enticer race is 300 m Swim, 10 km Bike, 2.5 km Run
  • Sprint race is 750 m Swim, 20 km Bike, 5 km Run
  • Olympic standard is 1500m Swim, 40 km Bike ,10 km Run
  • Half IronMan (70.3) is 1.9 km Swim, 90 km Bike, 21.1 km Run
  • Ironman distance race is 3.8 km Swim, 180 km Bike, 42.2 km Run
Which race distance should I pick for my first event?

This is completely up to the individual, the logical choice ‘could’ be to do a short(er) event as a taster then build up to the longer distances however if you are up for the challenge there is nothing to prevent you from starting out with a long course event (70.3 or IM)

What kit do I need to be able to race?

To be able to race all that you will need to arrive at transition with is

  • Swimmers
  • Goggles
  • A bike (can be any kind road bike, commuter, or a mountain bike). See other bike FAQs below.
  • Bike helmet
  • Running shoes

And that’s it!! Racing in triathlon specific kit (tri suit) can make things more comfortable but this is not essential.

Do I have to be both a Balance member and a Triathlon Australia (TA) Member?

From 2013, it became mandatory for all club members of an affiliated triathlon club in NSW to join our national triathlon association, this ensures that you are ensured to both train for and race in TA sanctioned events. Additional details and benefits of membership can be found here

How much should I be training?

It depends on how long your selected race is, your base level of fitness and what you are aiming to achieve. As a guide you should be aiming to plan for a minimum of two sessions per discipline per week plus ideally a stretch/yoga/pilates/gym session to assist with core strength and to aid your recovery. Follow this link to find out about Balance training sessions

Do I need a wetsuit?

A wetsuit isn’t mandatory, especially when you’re first starting out. Wetsuits provide buoyancy so make most people faster in open water, but they also take time to get off when you get out of the water. This means in short races, like enticers and super sprints, it’s probably more time effective for most people not to wear one. Once you decide you want to regularly race, you can buy a wetsuit. We recommended you buy one instore and not online to make sure it fits you properly. You don’t want a wetsuit which is too big or too small.

Can I do any type of swimming stroke?

Yes you can… all strokes are allowed as long as they are safe and do not impede on any other athlete’s progress.

Do I need a road bike and clipless peddles to do the cycling training?

The most important thing is your bike is roadworthy. Once you are riding regularly there is lots of advice available from within the club and from our bike shop sponsor Velofix to guide you in the right direction. It’s not a problem to try a session with a mountain or flat bar bike with regular pedals.

How can I make sure I buy the right bike?

Have a budget in mind and talk to other club members and chat to our bike shop sponsor Velofix. If you don’t want a new bike, from time to time club members sell bikes, you just need to ensure the frame is the right size.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes you are required to wear a helmet at all times whilst riding a bike. Please ensure that your helmet meets Australian standards and has a working strap.

Do I need to wear club gear to training sessions?

Club gear isn’t necessary but we encourage it. We have a wide variety of club gear available including running shirts and cycling jerseys. Racing in club gear is really important, as it helps us identify you on the course so everyone can cheer you on!

Do I need a coach to be able to race?

No you do not need to pay for a coach to write a program specifically for you. The club offers Enticer, Sprint, Olympic and 70.3 training programs for free. Additionally the weekly club training sessions (also free) are focused on providing varying levels of workout to suit those in attendance. In addition the club runs free information nights from subject matter experts on a range of subjects from nutrition to heat training to giving advice on how to train using power.