Our members come from all walks of life and have varied levels of fitness and ability – please do not feel that you have to be ‘fit’ to join our club, you can just join and get fit along with us! Balance Members are a friendly bunch and we like to encourage others as we train, race and socialise together. We all identify with the Club’s focus on equality, fun, community, fitness and charity.

Once you’re a Member, be sure to join our Facebook group and be a part of all the latest happenings.

Read through some of the comments from our wonderful members below:

Club Facebook community
The Balance Facebook page is not only a great source of communication but it is also a fantastic community. The member only Facebook community page is used for a huge variety of topics, such as training updates, event details, race support and sharing know how. It is the hub of our club and allows members to get to know each other and develop lasting friendships.


Newly joined

“Balance & UTS is the first Tri club I have ever joined and will probably be the only Tri club I will ever be in as I love it so much! The training is led by experienced triathletes or coaches and as a uni student I love that there are basically no out-of-pocket costs from being a part of the club and going to the training sessions. The camaraderie and support at races is just amazing and the celebration of any achievement – big or small – pushes you to set new goals. Everyone in the club is incredibly welcoming and more than willing to help you out with advice, equipment or training ideas. If I was lukewarm about triathlons before joining the club, I am now obsessed with them because of the passion of this club!”


Stepping up to long course

Do it! If you know you can then definitely give it a go. You’re the only one who really knows if you’re capable of getting out of bed and doing the training and the only one who knows if you will be driven to stay committed and come race day at the start line you will be the only one who truly knows if you have done enough.


Committee member perspective

In Balance we are very fortunate to have a passionate bunch of volunteers that have been involved in the club for some time and want to give something back. We have a range of roles from the President, Club Captain, Treasurer and the General Committee who look after items such as training and managing club events. These people give up their free time in order to keep the club running and being involved with the committee has proven to be a very rewarding experience. I love being part of running a very successful club.


Race experience

I believe that if its something you really want, you’ll make it work. Thats probably the biggest factor is that you have to really want to do it, otherwise it just becomes a chore. I would encourage anyone who is considering it, to just do it. In the scheme of things, its only 6 months or so of committing to the training, to getting you to the start line.