After Club Champs in Orange in March, the next ‘Focus’ race for Balance will be the Port Stephens Olympic Distance on Saturday 20th May.  This is a race that many of our members said they were interested in racing and is a great opportunity to race against your club mates and be cheered on at the same time by the awesome Balance cheer squad.  As this is a club ‘Focus’ race, we will be putting a lot of energy into encouraging our members to go along and race or support.  Not only that, in conjunction with our club coach, Matt Thomas of TriAction, we have put together a coaching program tailored to this event and which ties in with all of the weekly club training sessions.  By following this program, you still get to train with your club mates and you will start the race in your finest form.  We really hope that you will all book this event into your race diaries and get on board with the program to make the training as much fun as the racing itself.  If Olympic is not your distance, there are also Enticer, Enforcer and Sprint distance races at the same time. Below are a few FAQs to help everyone understand what’s behind our ‘Focus’ races and coaching program.


Why do we have ‘Focus’ races?

Balance is a very social club and we understand that people who train together also want to race together to add to the spirit of camaraderie.

With so many triathlons being run throughout the year, we discovered that our members were racing in small numbers across many events and there was some confusion about which events would be ‘best’ to race or support at.  We therefore came up with a system of flagging races, based on a poll of members, to highlight the ones that the club would be putting extra effort behind organising.  We ended up with three tiers of races – ‘Focus’, ‘Supported’ and ‘Noted’.


What’s the difference between ‘Focus’, ‘Supported’ and ‘Noted’ races?

‘Focus’ races are the ones that we think are going to be more popular and create a social experience for members, so we have allocated funding towards aspects such as accommodation subsidy, refreshments, social events, transportation of tents and bike racks etc.. Importantly, these are also the races for which we will publish a specific coaching program.  ‘Supported’ races are those which are considered to be popular with members, where no funding is allocated, but we will create a Facebook event page and members are welcome to use club equipment if they organise it amongst those attending. ‘Noted’ races are those which have been attended by members in the past and we simply wanted to raise attention to them by posting them on the club calendar.


Why did you introduce a Coaching Program?

In order to create a club approach towards competing, we decided to approach experienced triathlon coach Matthew Thomas of Triaction to help us put together four dedicated programs per year, to help members train up for our focus races.  The programs tie in with the weekly club sessions and those training for the races specifically could then also ‘buddy up’ with other members to complete the other sets in the weekly plan.  The idea is that we can then all train together, compete together and play together!


How do I found out more about the Coaching Program?

The training program will be posted on the club Facebook page in four weekly blocks and each program will have a launch session with our coach (and some will have a pre-race session) with our coach so you can ask any program-specific questions and understand the approach that Matt uses to training his athletes.  All sessions are also posted on the club calendar on our website .  Look out for regular posts about the program on the Facebook page too.


Is the Coaching Program for beginners or experienced triathletes?

This training program is designed for all athletes who are healthy and have a good base level of fitness. The program is designed to cater for a range of abilities from beginners to more experienced triathletes.  The sessions are not based on specific lap times but on relative intensities, so anyone can follow them.

It is, however, a generic program and therefore should be tailored, where appropriate, to your level of fitness and available time to commit to training. Adapting the program to your own level of experience and fitness can be discussed with the coach at the launch sessions.


What if I have more questions?

Please contact Leighton Howard on or any member of the current committee.