Transition Skills Session

A good bunch of Balance peeps joined Jocie and I at Kurnell this morning for a Transition Skills session. After some AA style group introductions, we got straight into T1 setup.

All bases were covered including T1 rules and regs, how to rack your bike and setup your gear for speedy T1 entry and exit. The team then practiced running through a slalom course holding their bikes by the seat. Next it was onto rubber bands and flying mounts. Gautam and Martin put the coaches to shame with very impressive flying mounts of their first attempts.

Next we moved to T2. Everyone managed to find their ideal dismount strategy, from the flying dismount at near-warp speed, to the slightly slower but equally graceful stop and run method. There were lots of tips on how to minimize T2 time and get out on the run course ahead of competitive friends.

As the temperature climbed the group moved onto swim skills. Jocie ran a great tutorial on getting a wetsuit on and off using plastic bags and magic gloves. The team then practiced beach starts with porpoising as well as deep-water starts before moving onto sighting using crocodile eyes and swim exits. Owen and Helen pulled out the goodies in our short swim races around some stationary and moving buoys.

Eliza kindly allowed me to demonstrate changing her flat tyre to group….thanks Eliza.

We discussed some rules and tactics around drafting before moving onto T3….the café. Thanks for the coffees Emer!