Jamberoo Camp B-Group Write-Up

OK, so the jury is out as to whether we were the A-, B+ or B Group – but that’s the beauty of a Balance camp, there is something for everyone and it’s informal enough for you to adapt as you go along and do what suits the group you’re riding with.

Having a short ride on the first day with pretty much everyone riding out together was a great start to the weekend.  It gave us all an idea where we might fit in and who our ‘ride buddies’ might be for the camp – and certainly made me realise that there’s a wide range experience, confidence and training levels within the club, so there is always someone to ride with.

Our group (the A- / B+ / B Group!) rode some of the rides with the A Group, adapting or cutting them short as necessary.  For example, on Day 2, we started out with the A Group, but as the temperatures and hills continued to rise, we left them to take a slightly different, flatter ride* route from Berry to Kiama.  On Day 3 our group was larger as we took on a few extra riders, and we all agreed on a tough but scenic ride which would challenge but not smash us – just what we all wanted.

*A train ride is still a ride. And we had our bikes with us.  And it’s on Strava.

The final day was the perfect finish – a short ride (which I personally took as being ‘optional’!), followed by a brilliant visit to Jamberoo Action Park where the real Strava segments of the weekend were fought over!  The staff didn’t know what to make of us as Vice-President Joe arranged heats, semis and finals between 12 over-excited adults with dodgy tan lines on ‘Surf Hill’.  No-one was entirely sure which race was which, where the finish line was or who had won – and it really didn’t matter!

Quite a few non-riding partners also came along for the weekend, too.  They got together and arranged their own itinerary for each day, which sounded like a great mix of walking, sight-seeing, spa visiting, shopping, relaxing, eating…

For me, the camp provided a perfect opportunity to spend time with friends, but also to get to know more members – including members who I hadn’t spent much time with before.  The social aspect of the weekend is definitely a highlight!  This was helped by the really practical accommodation, with all the rooms located next to each other and all looking out onto a central swimming pool, which made for really sociable afternoons, as groups arrived back to share their days’ stories, soak their weary legs and rehydrate with a beer or two before dinner.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a long weekend, and am already looking forward to next year!

The hills were worth it for the scenery and views

Tactical route choice between Berry and Kiama          


Well-deserved lunch stop

Pool Time!!

Not a car in sight the whole way along Kangaloon Road

Surf Hill – where the REAL Strava segment action of the weekend took place!

Big kids’ playtime!