One options for breathing is to breathe every stroke cycle. Look to one side on the way up the pool and the other side on the way back.  Exhaling (creating bubbles under the water) as you turn your head only to breathe. This will allow you to get 50% more oxygen than the classic 3 stroke bilateral option. You should be rotating your head without lifting so that one goggle and half of your mouth is out of the water. See picture below

N.B. A lack of oxygen doesn’t leave you feeling breathless; instead, the culprit is the carbon dioxide build-up in your bloodstream. Concentrate on blowing all your air out underwater, then taking a relaxed breath rather than gasping forcefully when your mouth clears the water. Think ‘fairy breaths’.

Your mantra should be: One, Two, Bubbles and Breath.

Wall Drill I -Practise your breathing on the side of the pool.

Your face should be half in the water turned to the side, one eye and half your mouth should be out of the water, one arm by your side the other holding the side. Breathing in and out of your mouth

Wall Drill II

Practise your breathing and strokes; breathing 10 times on one side and then 10 times on the other.  Be conscious of your hand placement on the side of the pool – shoulder width apart.


Your arm upon entering the water should be in the shape of slippery dip and then pull back whilst thrusting forward.

Your hand should be loose and fingers slightly apart not so far apart the water pushes through them

One Arm Drill I

Keeping one arm out in front practice your breathing on one side and your arm placement in the water.

One Arm Drill II

2 strokes and then put one arm by your side whilst reciting your mantra


Make sure that your hands are not crossing over keep them a shoulder width apart. For self-correction raise your head or eyes slightly to see what your arms are doing.